What Our Clients Think

Our focus is working by referral. This creates a natural venue for relational versus a transactional-based business.

  • Peter & Maria

    Paul and Lee Kouri helped us with 2 transactions, the sale of our house and the purchase of a new one. They did an outstanding job handling both. From preparing our former home to go on the market to the closing of both transactions. The Kouri team put together a great market price analysis for the sale of our home and helped us set a price that drove great value for us and ensured a closing date in line with our target timeline. We have the utmost faith in the Kouri's expertise and knowledge of the real estate market and it paid off for us. They always knew the answer to our questions and handled any issues with honesty and professionalism. I recommend them highly to anyone selling or buying a home.

  • David & Katie Bertoldi

    Working with Paul and Lee Kouri was a great experience! We met Paul very early on in our home search before we had even relocated to MA, and he went out of his way to build and sustain a relationship with us that spanned several years. When the time was right for us to purchase a home we felt confident in our decision to work with Paul and Lee, and we are so happy with the result. Paul and Lee make a great team. They have a wealth of knowledge in the field, and take the time to ensure that you, as a client, are well informed and have a good understanding of the entire process before embarking on a home search. Paul and Lee provided us with great tools to help us stay on top of our home search and were always readily available to respond to our questions! They are excellent resources, have great relationships with other professionals in the field, and take pride in what they do. We have been in our home for just about one year, and we could not be happier. We have recommended Paul and Lee to family members and will continue to recommend them to anyone with real estate needs. We feel lucky to have met Paul by chance so many years ago! Five star team!

  • Jim & Ann McGrath

    We recently hired Paul and Lee Kouri to sell our home in North Walpole, and were absolutely delighted with the performance, effort, and results. I would highly recommend their services, and know we made the best choice available in the area. This was FAR from a standard listing situation for three principal reasons: (1) because we live next door, we added some unusual covenants and restrictions to provide us with certain protections, (dogs on leashes, breed restrictions, no chickens to awaken us at 5 AM, and a host of other limitations). Paul and Lee help us think these through and change certain items – – requiring significant creativity and customer knowledge I am certain very few realtors possess. Even presented in the most favorable light, these covenants and restrictions hugely limited the set of possible buyers – by well over 50% and perhaps much higher; (2) an 1812 farmhouse, requiring some upgrades and ongoing maintenance is simply not in vogue today with our principal target market (young couples buying a first home). The vast majority of these buyers want modern and maintenance-free homes, and this simple fact even further reduced the set of potential buyers; (3) the house had been on the market nearly 8 months with another broker. Many possible buyers had already seen it and passed; and for new buyers that long "on- market" period created a significant stigma that had to be overcome by presenting it in a new and very different way. To overcome these three significant obstacles required special expertise, extra work and effort, and true creativity—which Paul and Lee Kouri brought to the table in spades to get the job done! Before choosing a listing agent, I interviewed several of the well-known local agents. It was immediately apparent from our first meeting that their candid and honest assessments, integrity, and market knowledge put them a cut ahead of all the others and it was an easy choice to give the listing to the Kouri Team. Other agents had both higher and lower sales price estimates, and after 40 years of hard experience buying and selling real estate myself know that you never choose a realtor based on the highest price estimate because a realtor doesn't control the market but can only quote it, place the listing in its most favorable light, bring more buyers to the table, and do a better personal sales job—which is exactly what Paul and Lee Kouri did. Because of their deeper experience base and better knowledge of this specific local market, their comps were more thorough and their analysis and conclusions were more sound than the other listing agents. Simply, their pulse of the market and understanding of a buyer's needs and thinking was at a different level than the other agents I interviewed. Incredibly, though we initially listed the house about $15,000 over their estimated sales, the actual price we received was within $1,000 of their estimate! Despite the three unique issues described above that dramatically limited the set of potential buyers, the home was successfully sold in about six weeks. They hosted four open houses, every single time bringing over 20 buyers in a 3-hour period. (The prior agent hosted six open houses with an average attendance of only four people!) Put simply – – they attracted bigger buyer sets than someone just listing it on the internet because they were innovative in their marketing and worked harder than I believe others would have. To position the home in the best possible light, the Kouri Team brought in a first– class stager at a terrific price, and selling an old farmhouse is difficult because today's younger buyers have, unfortunately, limited time, vision, and creativity. The staging was so good (and vastly different from the prior and more expensive stager with the first realtor) that the eventual buyer even wanted to purchase some of the staged items! Through the entire process, Paul and Lee were great communicators, upbeat and positive even when our first buyer unexpectedly backed out at the last minute. Paul and Lee reacted to that adversity by simply digging deeper and working harder. Their style is collaborative, their attitude is upbeat, and they were charming people to get to know. Because the Kouri Team is a true partnership on many levels, they can cover for each other and not fail to respond promptly and fully to buyers’ requests. Lastly, when it came time to negotiate, they simply did an outstanding job of communicating value to the buyer in this critical intermediary role. At the end of the day, I can say that the Kouri Team did several things for us I believe others would not have accomplished to the same level: (1) they made our lives simple and easy (2) got us the best price possible in a short timeframe and (3) made the process a pleasant experience without anxiety or concern about whether they’d get the job done and done well. That’s performance! My wife and I are delighted to serve as a reference for Paul and Lee Kouri and we are both willing to tell anyone that directly.

  • Richard Ghiz

    I have worked with Lee & Paul for several years and they have always been able to keep my rental property occupied with excellent tenants. They were extremely helpful in making the connections and also providing tradesmen to assist with property updates or repairs.

  • Carla B.

    Lee and Paul are very knowledgeable about the home buying process, and they really make it easy for a first time buyer. They will take the time to explain each step and help you with anything you need. They are a great team to work with.