What Our Clients Think

Our focus is working by referral. This creates a natural venue for relational versus a transactional-based business.

  • Christine & Patrick

    Lee and Paul Kouri of The Kouri Team helped my family buy our first home in Norwood. Buying your first home can be very scary but Lee and Paul made the experience run very smoothly and surprisingly enjoyable. They were such a pleasure to work with and their knowledge and expertise made my husband and I feel confident about our purchase. We would absolutely refer them to anyone who is looking to feel the same! Lee and Paul were extremely helpful and instantly responsive with making sure all our needs were met. We are so thankful for all of their help and would highly recommend The Kouri Team!

  • Tony B.

    I worked with Lee and Paul on a home sale. They took care of the whole process from the start. They did everything from recommending and coordinating some room staging to getting all the documents from the town for closing. I always felt that I was up to date and in the loop. I always felt they had my best interest in mind. In the short time I worked with them we became friends and we still stay in touch. That's the type of people they are.

  • Carrie & Mark

    Not only were we new to the area, but we were also new to the home buying process. Lee and Paul were incredible resources in all aspects. Having just move from the midwest several months before, we were still rather unfamiliar with the area. Having many years experience buying and selling homes in the area, Lee was very honest with the pros/cons of the location for each home that we toured. We found a home that we loved and, although initially listed outside our budget, we were able to negotiate down the price to within our budget. The seller wanted a quick close for the deal to go through. With the help of Lee and Paul, the home inspection, attorney, and lender were all quickly lined up. Lee and Paul were incredible responsive in their communication, I don't think I can remember a time when an email or call was not returned within the hour. They made sure everything in the process was staying on track so that we could get our quick close. I am very happy to say that we love our new home and would highly recommend Lee and Paul!

  • Andrew & Kristen

    Paul and Lee are two individuals who are dedicated and experience in what they do from the time they first walk through the door of your dream house to the close of it. Paul and Lee coordinated the sale, got us an inspector, inspected the house with us, negotiated the closing credits from our house inspection, coordinated the closing, and sat with us when we closed. They know a lot of people in the industry which is important in the process of buying a home to keep things going as well. They even followed up to see how everything was going after the move in. I am sure that if it was not for Paul and Lee as our realtors Kristen and I would not be in our home today. Andrew and Kristen

  • George & Annette

    The Kouri Team is highly regarded and respected in their Real Estate business. They sold our condo in less than 48 hours with no complications whatsoever. They handled it all as we were in Florida at the time.