What Our Clients Think

Our focus is working by referral. This creates a natural venue for relational versus a transactional-based business.

  • Khalil & Mariah

    After visiting many open houses on our own and meeting many realtors at these open houses, my wife and I decided to work with Paul and Lee. They were very friendly and helpful at the open house where we met them. After finding homes online that we liked, Paul and Lee setup private showings for us. They helped us evaluate the homes and determine what was really important to us. We found a great home, and they helped us negotiate a great price. We would definitely recommend them to others.

  • Doug and Allison

    Lee and Paul were great! We were first-time home buyers, so we needed a lot of guidance. On the other hand, our time frame was pretty tight. To help us make it happen, then, they had to be both patient *and* efficient in our communication, the search process, and the negotiation. Paul was the go-to when looking for a home we wanted to make an offer on. He went with us to several of our appointments, so was often able to give us on-the-spot feedback and advice. He had a solid understanding of the market, and was able to highlight the pros and cons of everything we looked at. Our budget was on the low end for the area, and for the specific towns we were looking at. Not once did I have the sense that this mattered to Paul -- it was all about helping us find what we wanted and could afford. Once we found a home to make an offer on, Lee took it from there. There was a lot of back-and-forth in that process, with several points of negotiation. As our agent, Lee was a real pro. She kept things on track while making sure our interests were represented as best as possible. And, as with the home search, there was never any sense of rush or pressure to get a deal done. Finally. Lee & Paul connected us to a mortgage lender that they recommended, as well as a lawyer to handle all the purchase docs. They, too, knew their stuff and handled everything with tact and professionalism. So if you're looking for a real estate agent, my wife and I highly recommend the Kouri team.

  • Carrie & Mark

    Not only were we new to the area, but we were also new to the home buying process. Lee and Paul were incredible resources in all aspects. Having just move from the midwest several months before, we were still rather unfamiliar with the area. Having many years experience buying and selling homes in the area, Lee was very honest with the pros/cons of the location for each home that we toured. We found a home that we loved and, although initially listed outside our budget, we were able to negotiate down the price to within our budget. The seller wanted a quick close for the deal to go through. With the help of Lee and Paul, the home inspection, attorney, and lender were all quickly lined up. Lee and Paul were incredible responsive in their communication, I don't think I can remember a time when an email or call was not returned within the hour. They made sure everything in the process was staying on track so that we could get our quick close. I am very happy to say that we love our new home and would highly recommend Lee and Paul!

  • Tom Souza

    From our first contact until the final closing Lee and Paul were very professional, accommodating, and thorough in their follow up. They helped us at every stage of the process. They were kind enough to provide us with numerous contacts and recommendations regarding contractors, mortgage brokers and inspectors. They also remained in contact with us after the sale was finalized to make sure that everything was in order. Over the years we have purchased and sold several homes, but we believe that Lee and Paul provided us with the best home buying experience. We are pleased to give them our highest recommendation.

  • John & Colleen C

    Lee and Paul helped us buy our house and it was a wonderful process. We were in an extremely active market and time was a huge factor for us. They both walked us through the entire process in a seamless manner.